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    3. TS-1000

      True diversity UHF wireless microphone for professional stage

      • Model: TS-1000

      The TS-1000 model is dedicated to the development of a fixed installation and use site for schools/gymnasium. The advantage is that it can reach 500-1000 meters operating distance without any other equipment. However, it is not suitable for use by multiple machines. It is recommended that no more than 2 sets should be used together.
      Frequency distribution:
      The left 32 channels are adjustable CH 1-CH32, operating frequency: 640 MHZ-648 MHZ. Channel setup 250 KHZ
      The right 32 channels adjustable CH 100-CH132. Operating frequency: 665 MHz-673 MHz. Channel setup 250 KHZ
      The left and right total 64 channels can be adjusted. The operating frequency width is 16 MHZ.


      1. A four-antenna combination true diversity receiving system is adopted. the research development of a unique high-sensitivity diversity signal selection circuit, the occurrence of fault frequency can be minimized. The receiving circuit is designed as a narrow band circuit and has strong anti-interference properties.
      2. Two-channel independent AFS frequency automatic search function, can quickly scan and lock the clean frequency in the working environment.
      3. the professional performance level phase lock circuit, together with noise locking sq control and digital pilot technology, when the transmitter is turned off, the pilot control will make the AF signal mute to suppress noise, and at the same time make the corresponding receiver mute. The effective blocking of interference signal is guaranteed.
      4. The backlit LED display indicates the working status of RF and AF signal strength, battery status, diversity channel indication(A/B), frequency, frequency group/channel, etc..
      5. S Q receiving distance-65 ~-100 dBm adjustable, and has the function of operating locking key to prevent misoperation.
      6. Adopt high-power transmitting circuit, stronger signal, ensure long-range use requirements


      Transmitter specifications:
      Material of tube body: All aluminum metal tube body.
      Oscillation Mode: Phase Lock Frequency Synthesis of PLL
      Carrier frequency band: UHF 640 ~ 690 MHz
      Band width: 50 MHz
      Frequency adjustment: Automatic tracking receiver working channel / manual adjustment
      Output power: 50mW
      Harmonic radiation: < 55dBc
      Max deviation: ± 48 KHz
      Cartrige: Dynamic
      Using Battery:2* 3(AA) Battery
      Operation display: LCD simultaneously display battery capacity and channel
      Receiver specification:
      Oscillation Mode: Phase Lock Frequency Synthesis of PLL
      RF stability: ± 0.005 %(-10 ~ 50 °C)
      Carrier frequency: UHF MHz
      Frequency width: 16 MHz
      Channel: 64CH(frequency step 250KHz)
      Operation mode: Manual setting
      Receive sensitivity: when devistaion is equal to 25 KHz. input-100dBm, S/N > 80DB
      Max deviation: ± 48 KHz
      S/N ratio: > 102Db
      T.H.D: < 0.5 % @ 1KHz
      Frequency response: 60Hz ~ 15KHz
      Maximum output voltage: 0dbV@45KHz
      Output socket: XLR balanced and 6.3 unbalanced
      Volume output adjustment: VR type
      Mute control mode: dual mute control for voice code and noise
      Mute adjustment: -65 dB ~ -100 dB
      Electronic SQ adjustable: Eight sections of electronic SQ adjustable(about 500 meters ~ 1000 meters from the distance adjustable)
      Power supply: DC12 ~ 15V/450 ~ 1000mA

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